Did someone say Chocolate?

on September 22, 2012

Congratulations to North West Sydney Babywearer’s Picnic and the Gold Coast Babywearing Picnic events which were the first two events to register on us releasing our last set of goodies.

This has lead to us searching the cupboards for further registration incentives for those of you still finalising your details (be in venue or hosting details).  So….the next event to register for Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week will receive a gorgeous welcome pack that will include: Two sets of Ergobaby Teething Pads (RRP $18.50), One Organic Ergobaby Chocolate Back Pack (RRP $99.00), One Organic Ergobaby Chocolate Front Pouch (RRP $49.00).  These can be used as a raffle, giveaway, prize or whatever else you come up with at your event (we would love to hear what you choose).

You can register your event here.

Congratulations to Newcastle Attachment Parenting’s Traditional and Modern Babywearing Picnic which was our first event registered and will receive this great welcome pack! Watch out for our next welcome pack to be published shortly.