on August 14, 2012

‘Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week’ is…

  • a celebration
  • a chance to get together with other parents
  • an occasion to raise money for your local community group
  • an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of this ancient wisdom

…for anyone who enjoys holding a babe in their arms.

Like to Get Involved?

There are three main ways you can get involved in ‘Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week’.

  1. Choose to host a Babywearing Celebration in support of a local charity or community group by registering your event HERE
  2. Choose to attend a ‘Babywearing Event’ in your local area. To check out events in your local area, please check HERE. If there isn’t an event registered yet, think about hosting one, it’s easy!
  3. Spread the word about this celebration by blogging, posting on parenting forums or sharing the love with your Facebook friends.