Getting Ready for Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week

on July 8, 2012

Are you preparing to host a Babywearing event for the annual Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week?

To raise awareness for your event and to help spread the word you could venture out into your local community and spread the word about your event by putting flyers up at the following suggested venues:

1.    Local Maternity Hospital and/or Birth Centre

2.    Maternal Child Health Centre (Tresillian Nurse)

3.    Playgroups and Mother’s Groups

4.    Pre/Post Natal Yoga and/or Health Centres

5.    Gymbaroo / Kindergym centres

6.    Light pole near popular local playground

7.    Local library (children’s notice board)

8.    Local Food Co-ops

and any other area you think parents will see it.

To make it really easy for event hosts to spread the word, we have designed a template poster that people can simply:

–       download

–       add the relevant event details

–       print off appropriate quantities

–       post around their local communities

You will find the template here.