Comparison of Cotton vs. Bamboo for Your Little One

We all know that our little ones deserve nothing but the best! The soft skin of a baby needs the gentlest care. Lots of things can harm and irritate the tender young skin of a baby so you are the parent need to make all the right decisions that will help keep your little one’s skin soft and healthy. Bamboo products are all the rage these days and are actively advocated by parents all across the world. The article below compares the benefits and features of bamboo products with cotton products so you will be able to make a well informed decision.

Softness of the Fabric

Needless to say, you have to pay attention to the softness of the fabric when you are choosing the clothes for your little ones. The skin of a newborn is extremely gentle and supple. If proper care is not taken, the skin can get damaged quite easily. So you will have to take extra care to buy the fabric that your little one will feel best in.

Bamboo fibre fabric is generally softer than cotton and so it more popular among parents of young babies. The soft fabric is ideal for newborns as well as toddlers.

Absorbency of the Fabric

The absorbency of the fabric needs to be high for a cloth to be of great use to a parent of a newborn! Especially the towels and nappies that are used on little ones need to have high absorbency. Even the most expensive towel or washcloth will prove to be useless if it doesn’t absorb wetness and moisture well. So you have to take the proper steps to pick the right cloths and fabric that will provide comfort and dryness for the little one.

Bamboo cloth provides more absorbency than cotton. In fact, studies have shown that these fabrics can absorb 70% more moisture than cotton! So you will be better off using bamboo baby towels and nappies for the little one! Bamboo cloth is allowed more air circulation as well so your little one’s body temperature will be effectively regulated throughout the day. It is quite important to regulate the body temperature of little babies because overheating can be rather detrimental to their health.

Strength of the Fabric

You will be washing and ironing the baby’s clothes so many times throughout the week! So the fabric that you choose for the little one has to be incredibly strong. This will help you to save lots of money in the long run for sure. So try as much as you can to buy clothes that are made from strong and durable fabric for the little one. It is not easy to wash the baby’s clothes by hand every day and you will naturally yearn to wash the whole load in the washing machine. Therefore it is wiser to buy clothes that are made from bamboo fibre instead of cotton as the former is stronger.

Ability to Keep the Fabric Cleaner

You need to pick a fabric that is easy to clean for your little one. Bamboo fibre cloth is easier to keep clean than cotton. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial bioagents that help keep the fabric cleaner for longer.

So now you know how to make the right decisions and purchases when you have to buy your baby’s wardrobe essentials!


What New Moms Should Know About Taking Care Of A Baby

Taking care of or being responsible for another life is not an easy task but it is not impossible to do. If it was, we wouldn’t be here.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Feel Anything Yet

It doesn’t matter even if your baby is your own or is adopted, you will naturally begin to love them but it doesn’t come quite fast for some people. It’s not your fault or your baby’s. At the beginning they can’t converse with you, understand you and you might not see anything other than them moving, sleeping or pooping. So, don’t worry if you aren’t overly fascinated or not overflowing with affection as soon as they are born.

Get Used To Them

When you have a little one, always pay close attention to them, get used to how they smile, how the wrinkles form, how they fall asleep. This way, they will get more attached to you and seeing you next to them all the time will be the foundation of your bond. You will come to see how unique and beautiful your baby is.

Soothe Them

When they cry or when they finish meals, love your baby by carrying them. This will soothe them and put them to sleep as they feel your love and warmth. They need your constant touch and attention to guide them throughout life and this is how you do it. You could also use safe and high-quality products such as soothers to keep them comfortable.

Make Sure They Have Comfortable Clothing

Breathable clothing and diapers are an absolute essential for a baby, try fabrics such as cotton, in any colour you prefer. You can buy these at stores that only sell baby products. Also read labels and do some research to double check the quality of the product. Do not get clothes made of fabrics that you are allergic to as they might be allergic to it too. If you see any signs such as red skin or bumps, discard of the clothing immediately

Powders And Soaps

As I mentioned above, avoid purchasing products you are allergic to. Always read the label and purchase certified products after some research. Also, don’t be tempted to use the products that you use, on them. Always use the products that are specially designed for your baby’s use. Talk to your pediatrician beforehand to confirm.


You do not have to purchase many toys now as they are not able to play with them. Purchase toys that are suspended above the cradle to keep the little one calm as they fall asleep, it will fascinate them too. If you are purchasing soft toys, wash them prior to giving them to your baby and spray a little bit of your everyday perfume or lotion (not too much) so that they can feel close to you at all times.

Embrace these little moments as they would grow up and run about before you know it. Good luck!

Tips to Bond with Your Children If You’re A Busy Working Mom

Being a parent can be the happiest and the most tiring process in your entire lifetime. Making the best out of it for you and your child is every mother’s task as they step into parenthood. That might sound like a lot of hard work if you are a busy person with a job.

Sometimes you tend to forget to pay attention to your child due to workload and your mind wandering back to your office work as you are at home with them. It could be made easier and better for both of you by a few changes.

Pay Attention to Your Kids Even If You’re Busy

Something certain mothers tend to forget is to nurture their children. If you are a mom who gets a lot of calls or have your phone in your hand, sit back for a bit and think about your iPhone in hands vs baby in hands. If the ratio is not healthy, you need to know that you have to ease up a bit and pay them more attention by carrying, hugging and cuddling with them.

Take Them Outside

No matter what the age of your child is, they love the outdoors. I bet after more than nine months of being camped inside the house, some good scenery and fresh air would be therapeutic and calming. Your baby will be able to get adapted to the outside world better. Take them out on picnics and walks whenever you’re free or have a weekend fun plan that you guys stick to.

If your baby is not walking yet, you might be thinking that carrying them is going to make you more tired than calm. Don’t worry, there are many baby wearing products that take the strain off your hands and allow you to carry your baby like a bag pack, these can be purchased in any baby store and tend to be very safe.

Bond with Them

Show them your likes and dislikes- in food, in colours, sports, anything that would make them feel like you are their friend and make them feel close to you. Even if you are at work, try calling them up and reminding them that mommy is thinking about them, and ask them about the fun things they did that day. This helps you stay connected with your baby as they grow up and become teenagers. They will be more comfortable telling you things if you show them that you are judgment-free and that you listen to them and understand their point of view. It will make both of your lives easier as they would grow up without withholding any ‘secret’ information from you and will not go behind your back.

Don’t Take Your Frustrations Out On Them

When moms are busy or stressed out about work, a mistake they always tend to do is yell at their children for the simplest of things. If you’ve already done the damage, try talking to them, making them understand where you’re coming from. At other times, always remember to take deep breaths before you open that door after work and remove office temper with your work shoes.

Things to Know Before You Become a Parent

Being a parent is probably going to be one of the biggest changes in your life. Having a child does not only require you to have proper planning but also great awareness.

The Financial Situation

Partners often tend to postpone having children due to the current financial situation. Adding another individual to the family often causes great expenses, this increases more with the growth of your child as their needs change. Always make sure you are financially stable enough to provide for your baby without any exceptions on quality or quantity.

Emotional Status

Make sure you and your partner are mentally prepared for this step. You will need great patience and caution alongside with a low temper. Talk to your partner and have a heart to heart conversation to make sure that both of you are ready and willing to go ahead with it. After you’ve come to a decision, there are a few things you need to prepare for.

Baby Products

Before you have a baby, you need to plan out everything you will need for them in advance. There are a myriad of shops dedicated to children of all ages. They present you with high quality and extremely safe baby wearing products so you could keep your child close and safe wherever you go.

This will also avoid unnecessary arm or shoulder pains from carrying your baby too long. You could just wear them like a sweet little bag pack and enjoy their giggles as they enjoy the ride!

Additionally, purchase high-quality soothers and milk bottles. Always check for the certified label. Wash them and maintain them carefully, and replace the soothers every 5-6 months. To make it more fun for your baby, there are soothers that come with a cute back to keep them excited.


Double check the material of the clothing you’re purchasing for your baby. If you or your partner has an allergy for a certain fabric or product, there is a likely chance that your baby would be too.

Always opt for cotton, comfortable and breathable clothing that does not have any knots or anything particularly uncomfortable to lay on.

Select clothing a little bigger so that your baby can be well fitted into anything. Additionally, you could wait until the baby is delivered to decide upon the size of the diapers. When you’re purchasing diapers, always purchase breathable materials and HOARD them like you’re hoarding gold. You’ll never have to know the frustration of not having a diaper on an emergency


When you are selecting toys, always read the labels, do not risk purchase a product that is not suitable for children below three years of age. Make sure the toys do not have any sharp edges.  Always remember to get a bedside soft toy that they would learn to love and cuddle every night.

Last but not least, baby-proof your house thoroughly. Check every nook and corner to assure yourself of nothing less than 100%

I wish you good luck, be patient and have fun.

Things to Know About Leaving Home With Your Baby

Going on a vacation or just a walk somewhere can be very therapeutic and refreshing if you’ve been camped inside your house or at work for a very long time.

Especially being a mother, when looking after your child is your day job and is also what you would “go home” to. It has its cute little happy perks but sometimes a getaway for some fresh air is essential. Well since your little one is your responsibility, leaving them with a family member is an option but you won’t be able to have fun or be at ease if they are not by your side. You might have the urge to rush home to them. Plus, it would make them a little sad to see mommy go out without them. So how can you have fun outdoors with your baby?

Don’t Let Them Get Away

When you’re taking your baby outside, you might want to keep an eye on them like the paparazzi sticking to a celebrity. Always keep them close to you.

Take Some Extra Things

Always take a few extra nappies and at least two diapers to avoid being rushed to stores and to be as ready as ever for anything. If you have a vehicle, keep these in your vehicle at all times so you don’t have to be reminded to take them whenever you go out.

Carry Them Conveniently

Carrying them in your arms would to very tiring, inconvenient and would limit you from doing everything you wanted to do. There are plenty of high quality, safe baby carying products that you could use. They are easy to pack inside a car or to keep on your lap on a bus ride. You could literally wear the sweetest bag pack that would clap with joy because they enjoy the free ride. This way you can accomplish all of the goals you wanted to on that day.


Always take their milk bottle and their soother with you to avoid unexpected and sudden crying which would make you spend extra by buying them new ones. It is also always tempting to eat from street stalls as you walk by a park or a crowded sidewalk and there’s nothing wrong with that except, you have to think twice before you feed street food to your baby. You might enjoy it but their tummy might not. They might even ask for something that looks appealing but the consistency or the amount of sugar and oil might not agree with them. You could also opt to pack your baby snacks alongside with the milk, maybe some rusks?

Take a Camera That’s Not Your Phone

Nothing is more amazing than capturing magical moments to hang on your wall or a beautiful scrapbook of your journey as a family. So, take your camera and click away!

To take the things that I’ve mentioned so far you could go for a picnic basket or select a product from the baby stores that are made specially to carry baby things around. Now, go out and have fun!

How To Graduate With A Degree In Baby Care

So, you’ve got yourself your own little bundle of joy and your mom keeps nagging you to take care of them very well. You might even have to take a pop quiz on looking after your baby before you’re allowed to go ahead without guidance. Being the No.1 isn’t that hard. Hanging out with your baby doesn’t have to be out of your league, you could be cooler and SLAY your new position as a Momma!


Be Patient

We all know that staying up all night for your baby if they just can’t sleep, always being on your feet and carrying them all the time can be a teeny bit (or a lot) frustrating!

But you should be aware that it’s your responsibility now and that little smile will fuel you better than a mug of strong coffee could. You can also try short meditation and deep breaths if you feel like you’re about to lose it.

Keep Your Baby Close To You

Always stick to your baby like glue, and keep your eyes on them 24/7. This might be a hard task if you’re someone on the move or if you’ve decided to go out because carrying your baby could be tiring and troublesome. There are a myriad of baby carrying techniques such as baby wearing available on the market. These products offer a helping hand and make your life so much easier.

Always check for the quality and the durability of the products. You can then wear your baby like the cutest bag in the whole wide world and go stretch your arms and legs and get some fresh air after being camped inside your house for so long. Also, exposing your baby to healthy sunlight is essential for their growth and repair and it helps them get used to their surroundings.

Make Sure They Grow Up In A Safe Environment

Baby-proof your house, every corner and edge so they can explore the house when they’ve grown a bit and be safe at the same time. Never leave your newborn on a high spot by themselves, not even for a second.

Always read the labels on the clothes and toys, if you or your partner are allergic to something, your baby could be too. Spectate the toys for sharp edges and don’t leave anything around, to guarantee your safety which in turn guarantees your baby’s safety.

Good Nutrition

This is where your mom excels in, her experience will be mismatched to anything you’d like to add. You don’t have to worry because they’re usually right. Although for further information on your child’s health, diet and weight you could visit a pediatrician. They might also be able to recommend you with stores for safe and good quality baby items such as the baby wearing items mentioned earlier.

On that note, always make sure that you are going to a certified pediatrician with great experience.

Now go have fun and learn with your new best buddy!